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Our Saber families make our school what it is every day.

Read more about our students and parents that are proud to be part of the Saber family, or in some cases, very happy they made the switch to Manistee Catholic Central.

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"I love how much of a family we are." - Rylee 

"I love MCC because the community is accepting and cares for each and everyone."

- Adam

"I love MCC because we have high school friends."

- Allison

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The Miller Family

My name is Janelle Miller. I am a 2005 graduate of Manistee Catholic Central. I am a mother to Landyn who is going into 5th grade, and Easton who is going into 3rd grade. Choosing to send my kids to Manistee Catholic Central was one of the easiest and most important choices I have made as a parent.  

My parents Robert and Jane were raised in strong, Catholic, Christ-centered families.  My parents made the choice to send both my sister Loriel and I to MCC from kindergarten until we graduated. At MCC I had the chance to not only receive a superior education, but I was also able to strengthen my faith. The teachers I had were never just "there for a paycheck." They genuinely cared about students; academically, personally, and spiritually. Even today through technology and social media I am able to remain in contact with several of these wonderful mentors. 13 years post graduation they are still there to offer guidance, support, and love.

Recently, I ran into my 5th grade teacher Sister Fran. She remembered me by name; remembered that I had excelled in math and asked me about the journey God has taken me on. She hugged me when she heard of my struggles and smiled with tears in her eyes as I proudly told her I had two boys attending MCC. MCC isn't just a school, it is a family. I wanted my children to be part of that family.  

Throughout their time at MCC my boys have been surrounded by caring teachers, kind friends, and supportive parents. Most importantly, they are blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by individuals who want to help them grow in their relationship with the Lord. I know each day at MCC my children are able to grow deeper in their faith, love and understanding of the word of God. Our time spent at MCC has truly been a blessing and I look forward to many more wonderful years.


~Janelle Miller


The Stickney Family

In 2016, we transferred our children to MCC. The only regret we have is that we didn't do it sooner. We have 3 children and they have all struggled in their own way at their old school. Our boys didn't feel like they were in a safe environment. They failed not only classes, but also their grade levels. They had teachers who didn't want to teach them. It was a constant fight on a daily basis to get them to go to school. Since we made the decision to transfer to MCC, our son Eric who failed all middle school is now a senior. He has teachers who want to help him and are patient with him. He is now exploring college options. Our son Justin is now a sophomore and he can go to school and feel like he is in an environment where he can flourish. He is active in sports and band.  He is happy again. Our daughter Leah is so happy that everyone was so accepting of her. She was only in 6th grade when we moved and the group of girls in her grade accepted her. She was scared, but everyone made her and our boys feel very welcome. It is amazing how a school can be so much like a family. It is the best decision we have ever made. Not only for our children, but for our family.  


~The Stickney Family


The Newenhouse Family

What Manistee Catholic Central Means To Our Family...

​I could start out by simply saying I send my boys here for the outstanding education, but this school offers so much more!

"It takes a village" is something I've read and heard my whole life. This, for me, is a theme I feel and hear over and over at our school. I can't even count how many families support my children and help us go about our everyday. We all work together to help each other in many ways...If you need a ride, forget a lunch, need help with studies, need advice, or even just someone to listen to your day. Working together as parents, teachers, administrators, and priests, it's what makes us unique. It's what makes us a family and a place you can call home. Having Preschool through 12th grade all under the same roof, seeing the same faces, knowing the classrooms and what is expected year after year, allows our students to have a constant knowledge and respect for our school, our students, and staff. 

I am not Catholic, but my boys attend this school. It's the people, the faith, the teachers, and small classrooms that make it an easy choice for us. Catholicism is something my children know and understand. It's a Christ-centered school so they get a knowledge of Catholicism, but even a greater relationship with our Lord. Volunteering is a norm for my boys, something that is taught here at our school. It's back to the basics...golden rules, respect for one another, hard work pays off, and a school that allows our children to have faith, to believe in our Lord, pray and pray for others. This is a gift I am able to give my children. It's not always easy.  We make sacrifices to attend, but what greater reason than for our children.

~Aisha Newenhouse


The Hallead Family

As parents, we look for a learning environment that would develop our boys not only academically, but as young, Christian gentlemen. It is important to our family that our children learn about their faith, both in words and actions to become good, faith-filled adults. Manistee Catholic Central has exceeded all our expectations. From learning support programs, field trips, extracurricular activities, Christian service opportunities to dual enrollment, our boys can thrive and reach their personal potential. Additionally, the self-binding community of parents, teachers, staff, coaches, and children foster a love of all people that is not found in all learning institutions. The relationship between Manistee Catholic Central students and teachers is a life lesson that we can only pray our kids get to experience. At Manistee Catholic Central our boys get this experience. 


~Lindsay and Jason Hallead

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