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Mark your calendars and join us for HARVEST 2022!
Saturday November 5th, 2022
This year's theme is:

Renaissance Night

For information on how to volunteer, click here.
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Thank you to all who supported 2020 H.A.R.V.E.S.T. - we raised over $115,000.00!


For the past 30 years, this event has raised nearly $2 million dollars for our school! The purpose of this fundraising event is continue operations for Manistee Catholic Central Schools and provide our area with faith and value based education.

There are many ways to help with this event and get involved with our HARVEST Fundraiser. Please contact us @ 231-723-2529 for more information about donating, volunteering and general inquiries.

Celebrations from the past:

2022 Renaissance Night 

2021 Venetian Masquerade

2020 It's a Wonderful Life

2019 A World of Pure Imagination

2018 Atlantis: the Lost City

2017 Night in the Celtic Highlands

2016 Roaring 20's

2015 Run for the Roses

2014 Harvest Moon


Helping A Religious Valued Education Shine Through

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