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Preschool Program 

Licensed by the State of Michigan

Preschool is a fun, imaginative and positive environment for children. Mrs. Sarah Logan incorporates Creative Curriculum and Montessori learning into her teachings.


Parents are welcome to explore the classroom and invited to volunteer their time and talents.  


Classes Offered:

  4-Day Program  for 4 year olds

  3 or 4 Day Program for 3 year olds


To reserve your child's spot today, please call 231-723-2529, and fill out the application found here.


Elementary School - Grades K-5

Manistee Catholic Central Elementary has a strong, Christ-centered curriculum. Subject areas taught include ELA (reading, writing, grammar, handwriting, and spelling), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion. Students also attend Art, Music, and PE classes weekly.


With Preschool-12th grades under one roof, the younger students are able to interact with older students in a positive environment that fosters healthy relationships with Christ-centered mentors. Students at all grade levels know each other by name and often greet one another in the hallways. 


Students are nurtured by dedicated teachers that are attentive to each child's individualized needs. Students' academic growth is closely monitored throughout each school year and their progress is consistently shared with their families at home. Ready to enroll your student?


Fill out our application form here.

Junior and Senior High School

Success in our learning environment is proven through standardized test scores, graduation rates, college admissions and scholarships received by students at MCC. 


Manistee Catholic Central is committed to provide rigorous and relevant educational opportunities to prepare our children for an increasingly complex society.  


Students are taught the importance of belonging and contributing to the good of the community which is manifested on an athletic field, at a class retreat, a blood drive, their place of work; or at any event where they represent their school.

Application for enrollment can be found here.

Clasroom Supply Lists
Basketball floor.jpg

Classroom Supply Lists 

Please check back as supply lists are being updated for the 2023-2024 school year

Mrs. Johnson - 3's Preschool 

Mrs. Logan 4's Preschool


Mrs. Connell - Kindergarten

Mrs. Bradford - 1st Grade 


Mrs. Cameron - 2nd & 3rd Grade


Miss Petersen - 4th Grade 

Mr. Fedder - 5th & 6th Grade

Mr. Allen 

Mrs. Robinson 

Mrs. Allen 

Mrs. McComb

If you need assistance or would like to donate items to the school, please contact the front office 723-2529.

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