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Saber Scientists

Congratulations to our Saber scientists! Over the weekend, MCC competed in both the VEX IQ Robotics State Finals in Traverse City and Science Olympiad Regionals in Mount Pleasant. Our Elementary Saber Robotics teams had a strong showing with team Legends of Robot (Lexi, Selena, Jocelyn) placing 32nd, and The Arms (Logan and Reid) placing 43rd. Our middle school team Spirit Bot (4th graders Holly, Trinity, and Cory) played against tough competition and finished 51st in the state. Our middle school Science Olympiad team had an awesome day and turned in a 2nd place finish which qualified the team for State Finals. Our high school team finished 5th and saw numerous students earn medals in their respective events. Keep up the great work Sabers!

To read about the Robotics team click here

To read about the Science Olympiad team click here


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