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Students in grades 3-8 dove deep into exploring the challenges that await them in this year's VEX IQ Challenge "Slapshot".

3rd graders, Nate and Olivia, work alongside 8th grader, Cheyenne, as they strategize how to get the conditions right for their robot to release the discs from the towers.

4th graders, Sofiya and Bethany, browse through robot designs considering features that will suit their robot needs.

Theodore, William, Owen, Oliver, Liam, and Easton familiarize themselves with the mechanisms of the tower designs for this year's challenge. The different tower designs hold 8 to 10 discs and have their own release mechanisms. The Saber Robotics team keep this in mind as they plan, brainstorm, design, test, program, and build their robot.

We had many enthusiastic students practicing in our large, new Robotics Lab. We're thrilled to see many members come back and are just as excited to welcome new teammates!


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