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Manistee Catholic Central's

Kitchen Club 

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Calendar Sign Up 

Stephanie Travis, MCC Food Director, cell 619-990-3449

Heather Bluhm, cell 630-432-9550

Rochelle Miszewski, cell 231-740-4246


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Kitchen Club?

     There are 3 mutually inclusive goals: 

  1. Provide the students of MCC with a hot meal

  2. Give parents a break from packing lunches

  3. Raise money to help support MCC's hot lunch funding

Does volunteering to sponsor a hot lunch count towards PCI hours?

Yes!  Hours may include those spent planning, shopping for food donations, and/or working on the day of.  

What day of the week works the best to sponsor a lunch?

Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  Wednesdays are preferred.


How many students are there to feed?

Plan to feed approximately 120 students and up to 20 staff members. 

Please review the How to Host a Hot Lunch document for more details.  

Do I need to collect donations if I sponsor a lunch?

No.  You can provide lunch at no cost to students and staff.  

Are donations required to eat lunch?

No, donations cannot be required.  This is a donation based/volunteer group.

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